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Team Building Custom Workshop

How It Works

We'll ask the right questions to understand your needs and objectives for your custom team-building workshop. Then we'll craft content that leads to the business outcomes you desire, such as:

  • Aligning goals

  • Establishing clear roles and responsibilities

  • Strengths-based problem solving

  • Establishing productive group dynamics

  • Breaking down silos

  • Trust and bonding

2 Day Workshop Includes...

...Clifton Strengths online personal assessment -- completed by each participant and submitted for faculty review in advance of the program.

... A series of 30-minute experiential, goal-oriented exercises led by certified facilitators in partnership with equine faculty.


...Activity-by-activity debrief with leadership experts who have successful track records with Fortune 100 companies and the world's best academic institutions. 

...Deep-dive exploration to call out "Aha!" moments, capture insights and draw parallels to the day-to-day work environment. 

...Wrap-up outlining specific action items and behaviors that can transform team productivity and workplace performance.

To explore a Team Building Custom Workshop crafted to meet your group's unique objectives and considerations, call Marie-Claude Stockl, 518-929-7202.

No prior horse experience required.

No horseback riding involved.

Today's Reality

The most successful businesses are built by effective teams, whether multi-level, multi-functional or short-term task forces convened for high-stakes challenges. At the same time, today's workplace is more global, technology-driven and "next generation" than ever before.


For the first time in history, four generations are working together. Team members are required to engage in new ways. And deadlines are tighter than ever. Miscommunication and misdirected efforts abound, resulting in wasted hours, or worse...burnout before success is achieved.

A Fresh Reality

According to the literature, every new team must work through three phases to become high-functioning; Forming, Storming, Norming¹ -- which can take weeks, even months. The Horse Institute helps teams accelerate this process during a  custom-crafted two day workshop featuring experiential coaching in the form of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

Eye-Opening Results

Participants and their employers consistently report that their experience at The Horse Institute heightened their team's ability to establish productive group dynamics, build trust and bond, tackle problems and find better solutions. The return to the office more aligned and energized...motivated and empowered to tackle their next challenge.

Click here or scroll down to see workshop package options. To explore a Team-Building Custom Workshop for your team and book a date, contact Marie-Claude Stockl at 518-929-7202.

1. Tuckman, B.W. (1965)

What was the most helpful aspect of the workshop?

"Becoming closer to the Board members. I feel really connected to the mission, but now I feel connected to fellow board members."


A Fresh Eyes Experience from Start to Finish...


The Horse Institute's Fresh Eyes experience extends beyond the equine classroom to your:


Book your stay just minutes from The Horse Institute at the contemporary Inn at Pine Plains on Main Street, or local B&Bs. We're happy to offer suggestions and assist you with booking.

Farm-to-Table Dining

Suppliers to NYC's best restaurants surround The Horse Institute. Local chefs trained in France and at the Culinary Institute of America prepare the meals served on site.

Around the Corner and Across the Globe

The Horse Institute is located on 30 scenic acres in the historic Hudson Valley of New York, about 100 miles north of New York city and easily accessible from:

  • Around the Corner: Drive from any point in the New York City metro area, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

  • Across the Globe: Fly into any New York City metro area airport:  LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy International (JFK), Newark Liberty International; as well as surrounding Hudson Valley airports: Albany International, Stewart International.



Full Gallop

Off to the Races

Winner's Circle

  • Face-to-face coaching for two days; 1:4 faculty-to-learner ratio

  • Clifton Strengths personal assessment reviewed by faculty in advance of the program

  • Experiential, goal-oriented exercises with horses led by certified facilitators (no horseback riding involved)

  • Debrief with leadership and communications experts

  • Deep-dive exploration of insights and parallels to the day-to-day work environment

  • Wrap-up with specific action items to transform your workplace performance

  • Five hours of prep, including calls with the client

  • Pre-workshop survey

  • Three follow-up meetings with client

  • 6-month executive coaching for one or more participants

*For groups of 6-12 people. Includes lunch and snacks. Does not include transportation, lodging or dinner.

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