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The Horse Institute Founders

Marie-Claude Stockl


Co-Founder and Executive Director Marie-Claude Stockl infuses each coaching program with her unparalleled expertise in the fields of communication and leadership development. She has 20 years of experience in Corporate Affairs executive management at Fortune 100 companies including Nestlé, Bristol Myers Squibb and Revlon, followed by 15 years as a leadership coach to a diverse clientele -- from blue chip Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi to luxury jewelry designer David Yurman and the non-profit Elizabeth River Project. 

Marie-Claude is bicultural and bilingual, with extensive experience across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. With this rich global mindset, she brings unique sensitivity and insight to regional and cultural nuances that often have a significant impact on workplace success.


Marie Claude's career credentials are matched only by her lifelong devotion to horses and horsemanship. At The Horse Institute,  Marie-Claude marries the two, creating one-of-a-kind experiential coaching programs.

Larry Stockl


Co-Founder Larry Stockl's role as Facilitator at The Horse Institute is multi-faceted. As coaching program Co-Facilitator to Marie-Claude, Larry shares 13 years of Equine Assisted Learning experience. His deep one-to-one connection with every horse in the herd -- developed over 26 years managing horse care and operations at The Horse Institute -- makes him adept at selecting the best horses to maximize each program activity.


For The Horse Institute's clients, Larry brings a decade of experience as Director, Airline Relations, at American Express to ensuring seamless logistics and thoughtful service for every program participant.

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