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About The Horse Institute

A Dynamic New Teaching Method

The Horse Institute is the vision of Marie-Claude Stockl and Larry Stockl, two seasoned corporate executives who grew frustrated with spending valuable training budgets on the same old courses year after year. (Think drab conference rooms, endless slide show presentations, and the relief of logging on to e-mail for distraction.)

Understanding that the only thing more challenging than providing best-in-class coaching is getting attendees’ attention, Marie-Claude and Larry made it their mission to create a dynamic new teaching method -- one that engages participants in a more impactful, insightful and memorable way.

Introducing The Horse Institute, where real-world corporate leadership expertise meets experiential coaching in the form of Equine Assisted Learning. The Horse Institute’s human and equine faculty guide participants to “Aha!” moments in the areas of leadership, effective communication and teamwork, then translate them into actionable next steps that transform workplace performance.


Learning with horses provides a whole new perspective. We call it Leadership Development Through Fresh Eyes.

Located in the Heart of the Historic Hudson Valley

The Horse Institute is situated on 30 scenic acres about 100 miles north of New York City and a few minutes drive from the town of Pine Plains. Surrounded by rolling hills, local farms and stunning views, The Horse Institute offers a breath of fresh air and a "fresh eyes" experience away from business as usual.

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