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Reconnect! Recharge! Align with Horses in the Hudson Valley, NY

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

If you are feeling tired and depleted, you are not alone.  The literature confirms it: burnout is real for all of us, our teams, friends and families.  You carry a lot of responsibilities, but are you doing enough for yourself?  The advice from airlines applies here: "Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others."

We are offering a new half day workshop, Aligning with Horses, for anyone who wants to step back, breathe, and reconnect with nature.  You can sign up for yourself, or bring one or two friends at no extra cost, 18 years or older, with or without previous experience with horses.  The cost is $750 for 1 to 3 participants, money back guaranteed.

In her words, this from a recent participant:

"THANK YOU!!! and please also THANK LARRY and LANCE, for the amazing time you spent with me today.  It was mind-blowing!  I wish everyone in the entire USA would come to your farm and learn from your horses.  What a different world it would be!"  April, 2023

1.  Align

2.  Reconnect

3.  Have Fun!


4.  Recharge


5.  Reset

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Emerging Leaders


   Leadership competencies including:

  • Delegation

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Influencing without authority

  • Managing difficult conversations

  • Giving feedback

  • Inspiring and motivating


Communication Skills

   Engagement competencies including:

  • Congruence: what you say vs. what you feel

  • Defining objectives and audience needs

  • Organizing content for clarity and convincingness

  • Making a connection -- individual vs. group

  • Managing Q&A 

Team Building

Custom Workshop


   Content crafted to drive to your team's specific     desired business outcomes, including: 

  • Aligning goals

  • Establishing clear roles and responsibilities

  • Strengths-based problem solving

  • Establishing productive group dynamics

  • Breaking down silos, trust and bonding

Straight from the Participant's Mouth...

Constance H., GallopNYC Board Member, on her workshop experience at The Horse Institute vs. other team building programs:

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"Thanks to your workshop, I made a very important lateral switch between two managers. I cannot begin to tell you what a huge impact this had on revenue and customer satisfaction."

 Andrew Santandra, Co-Owner, Friendly Honda

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