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A Working Farm

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Living the Partnership

At The Horse Institute, our deep understanding of the equine mind and behavior comes from 26 years of  living sunrise to sunset among our own herd: caring for, connecting with, observing and respecting them as they go about their business of being horses. We are proud to own the responsibility of the farm that they call home.

This level of commitment to and engagement with our equine partners is our passion. The Horse Institute herd consists of a variety of breeds, disciplines,  personalities, ages and stages of life. All are welcomed, celebrated and respected for the insight they offer by nature. All have a home for life, even after they retire from coaching.

We believe our quality of care is passed on to our clients in the quality of our coaching programs. Because our horses live in an environment designed with them in mind, they are eager to engage with humans and amenable to their role in Equine Assisted Learning. Life on the farm outside the coaching arena is a never-ending source of ideas for future programs  -- our very own R&D center, if you will. 

We hope this spirit of growth and discovery is palpable to you as you engage with The Horse Institute's equine and human team. It's the "something extra" we call Leadership Development Through Fresh Eyes.

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